SUVs Help Put the "Win" Back in "Winter"

There's no denying that winter driving can get hairy at times. With constantly changing road conditions and layers of ice and snow waiting for you all around Maplewood, MN, it's important to be as prepared as possible to take on Mother Nature's fury. While having an emergency preparedness kit and some quality winter tires certainly help in this quest, another great way to gain some much-needed confidence is to upgrade to a SUV. Check out our selection of used SUVs and see why Kline Nissan in Maplewood, MN is the premier place to shop!

All the Wheels

One key feature that makes SUVs more effective for winter driving is their all-wheel-drive capability. While this feature isn't available on every SUV, it is a much more common feature than with sedans or coupes. All-wheel-drive is important because it provides power to all four wheels, rather than the two wheels in a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive option. This helps alleviate one of the most common problems during winter driving: fishtailing. If your rear tires are turning along with your front tires, they are helping to create traction instead of simply being hauled along. This ensures maximum grip, even when the roads are not in the best shape.


Additionally, SUVs have an advantage in winter driving due to their higher weights. After all, one of the most common winter driving tips for owners of sedans and coupes is to place a bag of sand in their trunk. This isn't meant to create a portable sandbox on a moment's notice. Instead, the sand is there to add weight, something which SUVs already have. This increased weight plants the tires more firmly on the road, increasing grip and helping to reduce or prevent sliding and spin-outs.

Enhanced Visibility

A third advantage to consider when it comes to SUVs in the winter is their enhanced visibility due to their higher ground clearance and larger size. In the middle of a winter storm, you need all the help you can get to be able to see other drivers and ensure other drivers can see you, as well. Elevated in an SUV, you can be sure that you have maximum visibility, keeping you safe until you reach your destination in the Maplewood area!

At Kline Nissan we always have a broad selection of SUVs available. Whether you're looking for a Nissan Rogue or Nissan Armada, or you're thinking of a pre-owned SUV from another automaker, chances are we've got what you're seeking at a value that's sure to warm your heart, even when the temperature drops outside. Stop by today to gain some much-needed confidence for the upcoming winter driving season.

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