See how the Nissan Rogue rises above the compact crossover competition


With the increasing popularity of the compact crossover segment comes more and more compact crossovers to choose from. The options can seem overwhelming at first, but when you place the Nissan Rogue side by side with its biggest competitors, like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4, the choice is clear. The Rogue pulls out ahead in more ways than one, and we've listed some of the most impressive specs and attributes below for our Twin Cities customers to consider.

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The Nissan Rogue versus the Honda CR-V

  • Nothing says family-friendly accommodation like a third-row seat, which is available in the Rogue but not the five-passenger-only CR-V.
  • When all is said in done about feature and functionality, what it really comes down to is price, and the Rogue boasts a lower starting price than the CR-V.
  • The Rogue sports an integrated lip rear spoiler, which reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency. The CR-V does not have a spoiler.
  • LED daytime running lights project light more uniformly than non-LED lights, maximizing visibility and efficiency. The Rogue comes standard with this high-output lights; the CR-V doesn't.
  • Only the Rogue features class-up, mirror-integrated turn signal indictors for maximum visibility.
  • The Rogue wear larger wheels and carries a larger engine than the CR-V to keep you moving.
  • There's no substitute for safety, and only the Rogue comes with a  standard vehicle security system.
  • With a lower curb weight for easier maneuverability, the Rogue is still longer and wider than the CR-V and offers more headroom for maximum comfort and accommodation.

The Nissan Rogue versus the Toyota RAV4

  • The Rogue wins again with a lower starting price than the RAV4. You just can't argue with less money for more car.
  • Whether you've concerned about the environment, your wallet or your time spent at the pump, you'll be pleased with the Rogue's superior fuel economy in comparison to the RAV4.
  • The Rogue lights the way with standard LED running lights for maximum efficiency and visibility. The RAV4 doesn't even offer LED lights as an option.
  • How does it always seem to happen on a road trip that your phone, your GPS, your tablet, etc. are all drained of battery power before you even cross over the city limit? Stay connected with the Rogue, which offers more power outlets than the RAV4.
  • The Rogue keeps you organized with overhead console storage. The RAV4 doesn't.
  • More torque equals more capability, and the Rogue boasts better torque specs than the RAV4.
  • Again, the RAV4 is a two-row-only vehicle, while the Rogue can accommodate up to seven passengers with available third-row seating.
  • Peace of mind comes standard in the Rogue as the base model comes equipped with a vehicle security system. You have to pay more for one on the RAV4.
  • The Rogue pampers with more legroom and headroom than the shorter, heavier, less accommodating RAV4.

Even with these cold, hard facts to mull over, the Rogue is much more convincing of its superior performance when you're behind the wheel, test driving your favorite model here at Kline Nissan. Simply swing by the showroom -- here at 3090 Hwy 61 N, Maplewood, MN -- to grab the keys; take the Rogue for a spin; and see how much of a difference Nissan engineering, design and craftsmanship can make in a compact crossover.