Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V

How the Nissan Rogue Powers its Way to the Top of the Compact Crossover Class

Are you considering shopping for a Nissan Rogue in Maplewood, MN but aren't sure why you'd chose this compact over another? What's so special about the Nissan Rogue, anyway? Well, not only does its highly practical compact-crossover body style appeal to a wide range of drivers -- from young professionals and empty-nesters to active couples and families -- but its premium-feeling and versatile interior makes for a really well-rounded ride. So how does it stack up to the competition? Let's compare the Rogue to the Honda CR-V, another five-passenger compact SUV.

The Nissan Rogue versus the Honda CR-V

The Nissan Rogue versus the Honda CR-V

  • We'll just get right down to the heart of the matter -- the Rogue has a lower starting price than the CR-V. A class-leading, compact-SUV formula at an affordable price? What more do you need?
  • Well, you need to feel safe and secure, that's for certain, and the Rogue delivers on both counts with mirror-integrated turn signals, a standard vehicle security system, available around-view camera system, moving object detection and more. The CR-V falls short.
  • While both the Rogue and CR-V are categorized as compact, the Rogue is longer, wider and taller, making for a more spacious interior, more front legroom and headroom, and larger passenger and cargo volume.
  • Speaking of spaciousness, the Rogue can come equipped with an available third-row seat for more ample passenger accommodations; the CR-V only seats five. The Rogue also wins in the NASA-inspired seating department with "Zero Gravity" front seats, which comfort and support to reduce driver fatigue.
  • The Rogue also comes standard with a 5-inch color infotainment display and offers a panoramic sunroof as an option. You have to climb the trim ladder to have the luxury of a dashboard screen in the CR-V, not to mention that a panoramic sunroof isn't even available.

Well, there you have it; there are all the facts and the Nissan Rogue pulls out ahead! If you're a St Paul, Grove Heights, Burnsville, Twin Cities or Minneapolis area driver who's interested in trying the Rogue on for size, we invite you to drop by our Maplewood, MN Nissan dealership to see how Nissan's recipe for the compact crossover suits everyone's taste.