What the Nissan Sentra has to offer the Twin Cities area driver that Other Small Sedans Don't

There are a variety of reasons why a Twin Cities area car shopper would choose to invest in a small sedan. However, it's pretty obvious why they would drive the Nissan Sentra.

The Sentra is notably upscale for its segment and boasts generous fuel economy, a spacious interior and a laundry list of available features. When you pin the Sentra against come of the toughest competitors in its class -- the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla -- it's easy to see why the Sentra is a top choice.

We've compiled a few of the most notable comparisons for you to peruse below, so keep scrolling and see what you think:

Test Drive a Sentra Today

The Nissan Sentra versus the Honda Civic

  • We'll just get right down to brass tacks and say that the Sentra has a lower starting cost than the Civic. Need we say more?
  • Of course we'll say more. The Sentra is all about interior accommodations and it comes with overhead console storage, two 12-volt DC power outlets and a rear armrest. The Civic doesn't.
  • Are you a fan of curves? The Sentra will have you hugging more of them thanks to a tighter turning radius than the Civic.
  • The Sentra may be categorized as a small sedan, but it offers a surprising amount of interior space. As compared to the Civic, the Sentra boasts larger cargo and passenger volume as well as more front legroom and rear shoulder room.
  • LED taillights come standard with the Sentra, as does Nissan's Easy Fill Tire Alert system. Needless to say, the Civic doesn't offer either.

The Nissan Sentra versus the Toyota Corolla

  • Cruise control is only as convenient as the button placement, and the Sentra comes with steering wheel controls. The Corolla doesn't.
  • The Sentra is lighter, shorter and thinner than the Corolla, not to mention it has a tighter turning radius as well. It all works to make for a more easily maneuverable, more engaging ride.
  • Available leather upholstery, overhead console storage, radio data system, more power outlets, a rear armrest -- oh, we're talking about the Sentra. The Corolla doesn't offer any of those niceties.
  • A panic alarm and LED taillights come standard with the Sentra, unlike the Corolla which can't come equipped with either.
  • Spaciousness is one of the Sentra's strong suits, and it has a larger cargo volume and more front legroom than the Corolla.
  • When all the sales pitches are said and the test drives are done, Nissan knows that it comes down to price, and the Sentra pulls ahead of the Corolla yet again with a lower starting cost.

We invite you to experience the Nissan Sentra for yourself and how it stacks up to other competitors, like the Mazda3. Just swing by the Kline Nissan showroom for the keys to your favorite model, here at 3090 Hwy 61 N, Maplewood, MN.