At Kline Nissan, it is a priority to create a safe and clean environment for both our customers and employees as we continue to perform our essential business. We have implemented extreme cleaning measures, well above and beyond the current CDC recommendations in order to achieve this. Kline has taken a series of precautionary steps to maintain a level of hygiene and cleanliness for our visiting customers and employees, including:

All Employees

  • Wash hands regularly (At least every 2 hours)
  • Limit Touching Face
  • Wear gloves (gloves will be available in parts department)
  • Clean workstations regularly (keyboards, phones, pens, surfaces, tablets)
  • Refrain from contact with customers and coworkers (no handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, etc.)
  • Limit sharing workstations, equipment, and supplies as much as possible
  • Remove all items from communal fridges daily (items left over each night will be discarded)

Pickup and Drop-Off

  • Drivers should carry disinfectant spray at all times
  • Before/After each trip, the driver must wash hands and put on fresh gloves
  • Dispose of all sanitizing materials prior to delivering the vehicle to the customer. (take off in customer’s view)
  • Sanitize customer car keys, before and after delivering back the vehicle
  • When receiving keys, practice social distancing, keep a 6-foot distance and no handshakes
  • Keys should be placed in a disposable envelope when in transit (when possible)
  • Any loaner/rental vehicles must be disinfected after each customer use.

Dealership Actions

Door handles

  • Assign employees to regularly disinfect door handles (Every Hour)
  • Leave interior doors open to limit the number of surfaces affected
  • Steering Wheels
  • Employees will wear gloves at all times when touching a steering wheel, as well as sanitize


  • Always wear gloves when touching keys (customer or inventory)
  • Make gloves available near the area keys are stored

Clean Workspace

  • Disinfect workstations throughout the day (high touch surfaces including chairs, tables, countertops, keyboards, mouse, office supplies

Clean Lounge

  • Clean/disinfect high touch surface areas throughout the day (chairs, tables, bars, countertops)
  • Remove all materials that may be in the lounge (pamphlets, magazines, etc)
  • Continually remove any waste left by customers
  • Remove all toys from playrooms and wipe down all surfaces twice per day

Home Delivery from Kline Nissan
From our floor to your door.

Step 1
Reach out to a sales consultant – let us know your preferred method of contact. Our team is happy to work with you via phone, chat, text, or even video chat (Facetime, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Skype and more).

Step 2
Select a vehicle. We will bring the vehicle of your choice to you for a test drive and to explore the options and features. It will be delivered by one of our specially trained staff who will sanitize the vehicle, wear gloves, and follow our careful process to ensure your safety and well-being.

Step 3
Have a trade? Our staff will inspect your trade vehicle on-site to provide you with an accurate trade value.

Step 4
Once you have selected the perfect vehicle for you, our staff will complete all the paperwork, which will be delivered to you via courier or FedEx. You can contact your sales associate or our business managers to review the paperwork and ask any questions before you sign the documents and return them to us (which we will arrange at no extra charge to you).

Step 5
We will deliver your new vehicle to your location (and pick up your trade, if you have one). Again, the vehicle will be sanitized and delivered by our specially trained staff. You have the option to select a “no contact” delivery and we can perform a feature demonstration and Q&A session over the phone or video conference!

Step 6
Enjoy your new vehicle!

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