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Looking for a Sturdy SUV that Can Conquer the Mountains and the Morning Commute? You'll want to Meet the Nissan Xterra

Here at Kline Nissan, we believe there shouldn't be anything "barebones" about an off-road vehicle, which is why our active, thrill-seeking customers put their trust in one of the only vehicles on the market that mimics their spirit of unbridled adventure that can keep its cool on the crowded commute to work -- the Nissan Xterra. If you're in the market for a Nissan Xterra in the Maplewood area, look no further than Kline Nissan, where there are plenty of new models fresh off the factory floor for you to choose from.

This midsize SUV may not go topless or doorless, but when you're traveling from the office to the grocery store to the mountain trails, you want an off-road vehicle that can keep its composure in public. The Xterra flaunts sought-over road manners that you don't find in every all-terrain climber -- and the safety, style and sophisticated amenities to complement it.

While the Xterra boasts irrefutable off-road prowess, it maintains its practicality when its back on the grid with uniquely versatile cargo features and interior. For a sturdy, truck-like adventurer that doubles as an urban-friendly hauler, the Xterra just might be the rugged family man for you.

Start off your next dirt-kicking adventure on the right foot and get your daring self in an Xterra today. We welcome our Twin Cities neighbors to visit our Maplewood Nissan dealership at 3090 Hwy 61 N. and take this capable and classy climber for a test drive.

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