Nissan Seasonal Service in Maplewood, Get Your Vehicle Ready For Fall

September 14th, 2020 by

The temperatures are going to be getting a bit cooler outside, and that means now is the perfect time to get some seasonal maintenance done on your Nissan. Kline Nissan is happy to help with the scheduling of this appointment, and we’d like to provide you with a little information regarding what you should have done this fall.

Fall Maintenance Tips

Oil Changes

An oil change is an essential routine maintenance task. Removing that old oil from your engine will reduce the number of harmful particulates accumulating in your engine and other areas of your vehicle. An oil change can also increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle. This should be taken care of once every six months or so, depending on the number of miles you’re driving each month. You can also refer to your owner’s manual for more information.

Changing Your Tires

If you have two different sets of tires for your Nissan, fall is the perfect time to change to a winter set or a pair of all-season tires. We can inspect your tires before putting them on to ensure they have a good amount of tread left on them. We’ll also look for other issues that could compromise your safety. If you require a new set of tires, let our staff help you find the perfect set that fits into your budget and needs.

Multi-Point Inspection

The winter can wreak havoc on a vehicle, so it’s a good idea to have a multi-point inspection done at this point. This inspection will give us a good idea of any repairs or maintenance needed to drive on the road safely. Maintenance and minor repairs are also a great way to prevent larger problems.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for seasonal service in the area, give our dealership a call today.
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