The Seasons Challenge Our Nissan Vehicles

December 15th, 2020 by

Every season has its challenges for Twin Cities area customers. Whether it is the allergies they experience in the spring or the harsh, cold temperatures of the winter, it is fair to say that there are some drawbacks to the beauty of the changing seasons. While we would all love to think that our Nissan car is immune to such challenges, that is not the truth of the matter. Every season presents its unique problems for our vehicles. The good news is that we can prepare our cars, trucks, and SUVs to succeed against these challenges. The service center at Kline Nissan is where you need to go to get the seasonal service your vehicle needs.

Explore the Seasonal Service Menu

Our dealership offers an abundance of seasonal service items for your Nissan car, truck, or SUV. These services change with the season, but some of them overlap. For example, both the summer and wintertime feature extreme temperatures, so a seasonal service that is often recommended for Twin Cities drivers is a coolant flush. In fact, many services might be offered for every change of the season. Some of the seasonal services that are being offered for winter include:

Tires–Do you have the right set of tires on your car for the winter months? We can sell a good set for you or install an existing one.
Car Battery–No one wants to be left out in the cold because their car didn't start. Let us help you make sure that your car isn't going to quit on you during a frigid winter day.
Brakes–When you put your foot on the brake, you expect your car to come to a full stop. Let our service center make sure that is going to happen by letting them inspect your brake system.

Schedule a Seasonal Service at Kline Nissan

Twin Cities customers should make sure their Nissan vehicle is ready for the coming season. Contact Kline Nissan to schedule a seasonal service appointment today, so you are prepared when the winter weather has enveloped us completely. Contact us to learn more.
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